Alarm Response Services

Don't Risk Responding To Your Burglar Alarm Yourself. Avoid Danger!!!

Are you tired of having the phone ringing at 2:AM with your alarm company calling to tell you that your alarm has gone off again? Are you and your employees tired of getting up in the middle of the night to check your burglar alarm? Are you tired of having to go down to the work place only to find that the police have already left and now you have to wait for them to return and check the premise? How long have you waited for the police to arrive? Have you been fined for false alarms? Are you putting your self or your employees in harms way, having to go down to your work place to check the premises after the alarm has been activated? If you can answer yes to any of the questions then Virginia Surveillance Force is the answer for you.

We've all said it. All Police Officers know that the vast majority of burglar alarms calls are false. The problem has become so bad that some jurisdictions are levying fines against owners with repeated alarm activations. And of course, any storm with hard rain or strong winds will surely get that dispatcher to call stack of alarm jobs. False alarms are so common; but don't forget that every once in a while, a burglar alarm can be a real deal. What if you are responding to an alarm call your self and is a real deal? Yes, real deal Alarm calls can be dangers to respond.

Lower Your Risk and Liability.

Let Virginia Surveillance Force Alarm Response Team respond for you and lower your risk and liability. No more waiting for the police. Most of county or city fines vary from $150 to $500 for each false burglar alarm after your first three warnings. Why pay up to $500 for each false alarm. Let your alarm company call us and let our uniformed officers team respond for you to investigate the source of the alarm, check entire building and then notify the police ONLY when the crime has been committed.

How Alarm Response Service works?

Virginia Surveillance Force Alarm Response Team provides an immediate response for businesses. When your burglar alarm goes off, your monitoring center dispatches one of our highly-trained patrol officers who immediately responds to your alarm calls with in 15 to 30 minutes only when roads are clear. Our officer personally inspects the entire perimeter of your business, home or office. If there has been an intrusion, our officer secures the premises, calls the police, and detains any suspects until the police arrive. After our officer finishes inspecting your premises, he calls your alarm monitoring station to tell them the area is now secured. Our officer then completes a full incident report for your review.

Virginia Surveillance Force Alarm Response Service eliminates the need for you to get up in the middle of the night to check your alarm and the liability and danger of having your employees or family members respond to your alarm. Things to Demand of Your Alarm Response Service. Immediate Response. Your alarm response service must respond immediately to your alarm, once they are notified by the alarm monitoring station. They should NEVER wait until they "get a chance" to respond. The officer should personally inspect the entire perimeter and then file a report of his investigation. This guarantees that your property was checked and is secured.

VSF Alarm response officers

know to Turn off headlights and arrive safely in the response area. Safely means making sure that they don't drive into a fire hydrant or off the side of a mountain's dirt road etc. Our Officers know to Park up the road. They know not to pull in front of the alarm call location. Instead, park several doors down. That means they are familiar enough with the area to know the structure address numbers and approximately where your alarm is. They Observe the area, take a moment to quietly close the patrol car door and observe. bottom line is they how to respond tactically to the situation. Upon real deal they know to avoid radio blaring, cell phones, cell phone or radio cover light, those small lights appear to grow and they make a convenient target for the bad guy. Virginia Surveillance Force Officers are always alert while responding and know when to call for backup and Police. Our Officers know don't let the rush to get the call over with rush into a coffin. Virginia Surveillance Officers Understands the Judicial Process. VSF Alarm response officers know how to detain a suspect without violating their rights, how to preserve a crime scene, and how to testify in court. Only this level of knowledge and experience will help the District Attorney successfully prosecute burglars.

Virginia Surveillance Force provides Alarm response services throughout Northern Virginia & surroundings including Maryland surbuban areas for both large and small business and corporations. When it comes to protecting Virginia Surveillance Force officers are at the top of their class.

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