Vehicle Patrol Services

Virginia Surveillance Force patrol program include a wide variety of techniques designed to provide effective deterrent agents. Combining periodic inspections with marked patrol vehicles. VSF Vehicle Patrol Services discourage criminals from targeting your site. Our Patrol Service is deterrent to those who may trespass, vandalize or cause physical damage to your personal property or employees at the work place. Our marked patrol vehicles and uniformed officer provide a visible crime deterrent and contribute to a professional, secure atmosphere and peace of mind.

Our security Patrol officers perform a wide variety of tasks,

such as property and parking lot patrols, provide nightly checks of the facilities, checking the buildings by physically walking the grounds, inspect doors and stop to check on employees who are working late, detection of vandalism, theft or safety related incidents, observes and verifies secure locations, verifies who did what and when, reports any problems to law enforcement, the building manager or other designated personnel, responding to complaints filed by residents or tenants, responding to alarms, questioning strangers, conducting investigations, and maintaining reports.

We offer the kind of investigative and protective service that police departments can’t due to their responsibilities to the general public. Remember old days when the police would stop by a business just to make sure the doors were locked? Unfortunately this type of service no longer exist because police officers are dealing with real crime in a reactive, rather than a proactive manner. However, our officers are trained to assess situations and involve police and emergency services agencies when necessary.

Our fully uniformed security patrol officers in marked patrol cars make a big impression on intruders.

It's the kind of deterrent that can virtually eliminate security violations. Our security officers are fully insured and bonded beyond the limits required by federal & local regulations, and that translates to more security and peace of mind for you.

All of our security Patrol officers are certified through training academies licensed by the Department of Criminal Justice Services.

What does that mean to you? It means that they already know how to handle emergencies of all kinds before they encounter them. Through our certification program, our officers know the correct way to respond to fire, break-ins, health problems, drugs, and alcohol related incidents before they get an assignment. Our officers are also trained and qualified to detain suspects until the police arrives. Such aggressive patrolling discourages criminals from selecting your home or business in favor of easier targets elsewhere.

Vehicle Patrol Service are valuable options to a security coverage program.

VSF can customize these services in according to your site needs. Vehicle Patrol Service can act as additions to your existing guard service also known as dedicated patrols "on site guard with patrol vehicle" or can function as a standalone program of observation and deterrence also known as random vehicle patrols.

Random Routine Vehicle Patrol Service.

It can be only the best security program when your budget is tight. Choices are Once, twice, three or four times per night visits; scheduled every night, every other night or weekends and holidays only. Patrol officers will be on your site as long as it takes to perform their assigned rounds and then leave your property to return later for their next patrol rounds. Roving Patrol Officer has the ability to change the check schedule to ensure no pattern is set. VSF will work within the patrol time parameters set by the client, or our random routine patrol service hours 7 days a week eight hours per night for example PM to AM. Patrol times can be changed if problems occur outside the original time frame. Additional checks can be provided at an agreed upon rate for special circumstances. Random routine vehicle patrol means that we adhere to a fixed schedule based upon your choices above, but we arrive at random times, attempting to vary arrivals night to night so as to not be predictable in any way.

Dedicated Patrol Service.

Is the security program a corporation or establishment has as it involves guards on duty for prolonged periods of times in a vehicle that remains on your site. Patrol officer never leave your property except for fuel and maintenance. It consists of a vehicle which will carry either our name or your identification name or logo on its door etc. This vehicle will not be used at any other location and typically is left at your site when not in use. These vehicles are equipped by Virginia Surveillance Force. These vehicles can also be equipped as you specify. Dedicated patrols typically runs on a 24/7 hours per day 7 days a week or 18/7 or 12/7 schedule depending upon your needs. Dedicated patrols require a minimum two-year agreement with VSF as the upfront costs are quiet considerable and typically takes 24-60 months to recoup our investment.

Secure A Safer Tomorrow Today With Virginia Surveillance Force. We look forward to being your security partner. check our gallery of marked patrol fleet vehicles Virginia Surveillance Force provides Vehicle Patrol Services throughout Virginia & Maryland areas. When it comes to patrol services, Virginia Surveillance Force Vehicle Patrol Officers are at the top of their class.

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