Bank Security & ATM Service

Bank security is always a top concern for everyone. We can provide both armed and unarmed dark-suit executive protection or uniformed officers. Virginia Surveillance Force has security officers that are fully trained to combat any threat. Bank security is a top concern, and Virginia Surveillance Force is ready to solve the problem.

Virginia Surveillance Force officers keep public spaces safe. VSF Security guards keep order, protect property, enforce regulations and ensure safety. In banks, they guard against robberies. Security guards spend long hours watching camera monitors or walking a regular beat around a bank.

Our commitment to creating the safest possible environment has earned us a reputation for excellence and long-term client relationships. Our clients know they can depend on us to be proactive and highly professional. Virginia Surveillance Force provides security services for all types of banking institutions. When it comes to protecting bankers and employees, and guarding against theft and burglary, Virginia Surveillance Force security officers are at the top of their class.


Virginia Surveillance Force provide Bank ATM Service in Northern Virginia, Maryland Suburban & Surrounding areas. Either technician is working on the machine or you are ready to fill the machine, we are there to to keep the surroundings secure. ATM bank cash machines have been incorporated in our way of life. They offer a real convenience to those on the run, but at the same time offer an element of risk when technicians are working alone on ATM Machines without protection and safety. Using a bank ATM machine safely requires awareness and a little planning. Just because a bank ATM machine is open and technicians working on machines doesn't mean that it is always safe to work without an officers presence.

Most bank ATM robberies occur at night between 7pm and 4am when the machine only produces ten percent of the daily transactions. Bank ATM robbers are usually males and most work alone. ATM robbers usually position themselves nearby fifty feet waiting for a victim. Most ATM robbers used a gun or claimed to have a concealed weapon when confronting the victim.

Our uniformed or plain clothed officers respond to the bank or ATM site location & meet technician. We also respond when ever you are ready to fill ATM machines. You call us, we respond to site location and make sure the work is done and every one leaves the site safe.

When it comes to protecting technicians, bankers, employees, and guarding against theft, robbery and burglary, Virginia Surveillance Force security officers are at the top of their class.

Virginia Surveillance Force