Fire Watch Services

Virginia Surveillance Force Offers Fire Watch Service. A Fire Watch Service is implemented to ensure the Fire Safety of buildings or area in the event of any act like an increased risk to persons or property. A Fire Watch Officers Sole responsibility is to look for fire within an established area.

Virginia Surveillance Force assign one or more persons at fire watch who are employed to be on fire watch duty at such places. A fire watch is required by fire department in situations of fire, sprinkling system not working or in situations where building is not meeting fire codes etc.

Corporations, Insurance companies and businesses also require a fire watch officer service in the event of temporary failure of alarm system or where activities require the interruption of any fire detection. Fire Watch is require by case to case basis on extent of the interruption, building use, number of expected occupants and expected outage time of the interruption as determined by fire department or property management personnel.


Virginia Surveillance Force Fire Watch Officer Service; provides fire watch personnel to keep diligent watch for fires in the general area of the performance. Our officers conducting fire watch are not to be permitted to perform any other duties. VSF Fire watch personnel are familiar with the procedures in the event of an fire. The quantity of personnel involved in the fire watch are to be adequate such that each floor, level and room of fire area is covered by an officer.

VSF Fire Watch Officer's write hourly fire watch report for management and or fire department. In case of fire they sound fire alarm and call 911. Fire watch officers know to tell residents, staff or workers to immediately evacuate the building via the shortest and fastest route. They know if they notice smoke; use the alternative route, or crawl low if they have to go through smoke. They know not to use the elevators. A fire can disrupt the operation of elevators and trap occupants. Before opening a door they know if the door is warm or smoke observed then use an alternative escape route. To go to safe area or to a pre-assigned exterior area of the building. Stop, drop and roll if your clothing catches fire inside.

Fire Watch officers know to test doors with back of their hand. Upon evacuation our officers know to meet emergency response personnel at a safe location and direct them to the scene. Our officers know if they suspect that some one is missing or trapped, contact fire fighters on scene or at the fire engine, police officers or ambulance personnel .

Our fire watch staff knows not to re-enter building until instructed to do so by fire department. Not to let residents, visitors, staff or management re-enter the building for their personal belongings and to stay calm. for more information on fire safety guidelines contact your local fire department.

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Virginia Surveillance Force provides fire watch services throughout Virginia, Washington DC & Maryland areas. When it comes to fire watch services, Virginia Surveillance Force fire watch team are at the top of their class.

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