Mall & Retail Security

Virginia Surveillance Force provide safety and protection for malls, retail stores shopping centers & Industrial areas. If you're an owner or property manager of a mall or a shopping center, then the safety of your clients and or customers is very important to you. Shopping Centers come in all sizes from the giant regional malls to the small strip-center with only a few stores. What they all have in common is a parking lot. The most violent crimes committed in the parking lot are purse snatching, strong arm robbery, carjacking and abductions. Whether it's theft of a store, or stealing cars while customers are shopping, thieves will take whatever opportunity is given them. Virginia Surveillance Force has security officers are fully trained to combat this threat. Mall security is a top concern, and Virginia Surveillance Force is ready to solve the problem.

Violent criminals can blend in with the rest of us and get in close proximity fairly easily. Criminal predators can walk right by us and we will allow it because of the public setting. Mall Security has special needs that are not present in other situations. If your shopping center or mall experience a serious problems, then you will be ultimately judged by the community, tenants, perspective tenants, customers, the media and ultimately, the courts. They will all ask, "Did you prudently and practically did everything you could and should have done?" These days, having a security guard on duty is always a good strategy.

Shopping centers demand security officers with a wide range of skills from the sensitivity to deal with lost children to the ability to respond to and effectively address law enforcement incidents. Virginia Surveillance Force has been confronted with all of these issues and has been providing highly skilled officers to the shopping center industry.

Virginia Surveillance Force is a progressive leader in the Mall & shopping security. VSF is commitment to excellence in Services to guests, crime prevention, crime suppression, inovative programs, pride, participation and productivity.

These factors and others contribute to our proud tradition and adherence to the highest levels of professionalism. Virginia Surveillance Force officers accept the responsibilities and fulfill the obligations of a security officer: protecting life and property; preventing and reducing losses and crimes against the employees business, or other organizations and institutions to which assigned; upholding the law; and respecting the constitutional rights of all persons by observations and reporting.

Virginia Surveillance Force can customize your on site concierge uniformed security officers and or vehicle patrol needs. Our officers are your eyes and ears. They work in your best interest to secure a safer tomorrow and we've got the peace of mind you're looking for.

Warehouse, Manufacturing, distribution & Industrial facilities.

A warehouse, manufacturing, distribution or industrial facilities are designed for ease of access and loading and unloading of materials creating a security issue. Vandalism and theft are two of the major security risks to storage and distribution facilities because of their remote location.

Our Security Guards at Virginia Surveillance Force will protect your property and assets from theft and vandalism. When deciding on the security provisions for your premises, consider safety by means of a Security Guard. The value of your building materials and machinery are too costly to leave without security.

Retail Security

Need to hire Retail Security Services in Virginia or Maryland? Virginia Surveillance Force provides retail security services for retail stores, shopping malls, retail malls, shopping centers, office buildings, commercial establishments, jewelry stores and more. VSF Security Services are conducted by licensed security guard officers and retail protection officers who deliver retail security solutions including; stationary security guards, uniformed security officers, loss prevention officers, store detectives, unarmed guards, armed guards, mobile patrol service. Retail Special guard training combined with experience is what makes effective retail security or loss prevention work as expected by our retail clients. Our company provides many ways in which you may secure your store, mall, warehouse facility or property from vandalism, theft or crime.

Virginia Surveillance Force retail security services can customize services as needed depending on the specific requirements of a client. Other retail security services available include temporary security, permanent contract security, plain clothes security, fire watch, mobile patrol and more. All retail security officers and loss prevention officers are fully licensed and insured to provide security services in Virginia & maryland. Our dedication and commitment is to provide clients with unwavering services.

We at VSF screens every retail security guard in efforts to provide top level staffing at every retail store or shopping mall site. Our agency constantly strives to exceed every clients expectations by listening & responding to every concern. We deliver superior retail security services not matched in the industry.

Retail Loss Prevention

When it comes to retail security or loss prevention; Our teams of undercover specialists are experts to observe and report on the daily activities of your workforce. We specialize in the following security services:

  • Internal Theft and Loss Prevention Services
  • Undercover Store Detective

While performing duties VSF officers respect and protect the confidential and privileged information of client. They cooperate with all recognized and responsible law enforcement and emergency agencies. Our officers conduct them self professionally at all times to perform job duties in a manner that reflects credit upon the company and its client. Virginia Surveillance Force officers are trained to perform all additional duties as assigned by Management.

Virginia Surveillance Force provides security services throughout Virginia and Maryland for both large and small shopping centers, warehouse, manufacturing, distribution or industrial facilities . When it comes to protecting your businesses and employees, and guarding against theft and burglary, Virginia Surveillance Force officers are at the top of their class.

Virginia Surveillance Force