Investigation & Intelligence

The Virginia Surveillance Force, Inc. Investigative Division consists of detectives & investigators who work on civil and criminal cases that often involve surveillance, and photographing accidents or incidents, for use as evidence in court.

If you need more information to support an important decision? If you suspect that some one may be disloyal to you business? If you need to locate some one? or perhaps its a personal matter. VSF Investigators work on a wide variety of cases. There is no limit to their assignments. Either its a large or small case, personal or business matter, civil or criminal case. VSF Investigators can work undercover or face to face. VSF Investigators are experienced detectives and researchers from every specialty. They are professional, Discreet & Comprehensive.

Virginia Surveillance Force "Investigative Division" provides the following investigative services:

  • Tracking down white collar crime for corporations.
  • Locating missing persons.
  • Insurance investigative services
  • Surveillance & Counter Surveillance
  • Background Screening to determine if an individual has been involved in any criminal activities
  • Reference checking of prospective employees, business partners, or tenants to confirm performance, reliability, and accuracy
  • Process serving of subpoenas to individuals who must appear in court
  • Personnel matter

Insurance Investigative Services:

This service is to ensure that individuals are really experiencing the problems they claim. Comprehensive discovery protects you and your bottom line.Our team of Insurance experts, researchers and investigators work together on a project to get the facts based on reliable information related to:

  • Worker's Compensation
  • Vehicular Accidents
  • Arson (Setting Fire)
  • Personal Injury

Our Investigators discovery protect you and your bottom line with specialized skills and experience. On going communication & trainings are key to successful investigation.

Virginia Surveillance Force and its team tailor the services to meet the needs of every investigation which consists of Activity Checks, Direct Surveillance, Recorded and written statements, Background checks, Witness location, Criminal Checks and Subpoena Services.


If you are being followed? If some one is watching you or a member of your staff? If some one is listening to your private conversations? If there are leaks which you can't pinpoint? No need to wander. We know where to look and what to look for. VSF investigators keep their eye on you just to be certain.

Personal Matter:

If you are suspicious of your spouse's Faithfulness to obligations, duties, or observances. Isn't it better to overcome a doubt? Confirm It with an evidence, with a proof and then wonder? Either it is civil or criminal act. VSF Investigators work undercover or Face to face.

Virginia Surveillance Force provides Investigation services throughout Virginia & Maryland areas. When it comes to Investigation services, Virginia Surveillance Force Investigations & Intelligence are at the top of their class.

Virginia Surveillance Force