How We Recruit?

Employment Background Screening Hiring The Best; Partner For Success!! Virginia Surveillance Force is An Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. You can entrust your safety to our staff who often come from either police or military backgrounds. Background Screening and Employment verification is done on all applicants. It is our responsibility for every aspect of the security function which includes hiring, screening, placing and managing personnel, as well as ensuring site coverage and accountability. We as service provider make sure that applicant meet all regulatory hiring and licensing requirements. We verify previous educational background, work history, employment references, criminal records, Social Security number, driver's license validity and ensures that applicable state licensing procedures are met. Our staff go through criminal history background check through Department of Criminal Justice Service and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Our staff submit fingerprints and register or certify them selves with Department Of Criminal Justice Services or Police Departments which ensures safety and peace of mind.

Virginia Surveillance Force absolutely minimizes the level of exposure to liability. We are dedicated to recruiting and retaining individuals with characteristics of trustworthiness, motivation and reliability. All prospective employees are screened for alcohol and illegal drugs. Our Clients can also request drug screening on an annual or random basis. All candidates are interviewed in person by local office personnel to determine their suitability for a position. A specific site hiring profile can be developed based on our clients needs.

How We Train Our Staff?

At Virginia Surveillance Force we take great pride in our team of capable and extensively trained professionals. Before an assignment is given, all of our staff and officers attend a training program. Training is provided to our staff through Virginia Surveillance Force Academy, State Certified training academies and through Department of Criminal Justice Services. Our staff get trained, pass the exam and posses state issued registration or certification ID card. Training is provided for both new staff, officers and new supervisors. Our training programs meet or exceed state-mandated training requirements.

Virginia Surveillance Force staff, Management and Officers are also given ongoing training, which reduces turnover, improves productivity and morale, and helps minimize liabilityexposure. Whenever our staff have been given a new assignment at another location, They go through an On-the-Job Training Program that includes site orientation, site-specific functions and duties, emergency procedures and public relations. Our staff is also encouraged to improve their education via In-Service Training through a continuing education program.

Peace Of Mind?

We provide the peace of mind you are looking for. We have empowered management teams close to all our clients to assure personal attention from an experienced management team that is familiar with your needs, trends and labor market. It is our goal to deliver value to our clients by commitment and quality to ensure 100% satisfaction. We identify your needs and perform duties to your specifications. You can rest easy knowing that you're in good hands. Virginia Surveillance Force is not known for continuous change as a result of mergers, acquisitions and sales. VSF is American owned long term stability presence with consistent management and a long term focus that is unmatched in our market. If you want dedication, honor and focus? You can depend on Virginia Surveillance Force to take the utmost care of you, your business and its safety.

Virginia Surveillance Force