Educational Facility Protection

Virginia Surveillance Force understand that schools, colleges and universities have different security issues. Campus security and safety is an important feature of education. VSF have been providing specialized services to educational facilities from years. You need to have the strong, knowledge base team on your side to keep your institution safe and secure. Click here to learn more from US department of education. Educational Campuses has been in the headline news in recent rears. In order to protect our loved ones from harm. Campus Security is essential.


  • Campus Safety Assessments...
  • Identify specific strategies to make your campus safer
  • Reduce crime, violence, and disruptive behavior risks
  • Reduce potential liability risks
  • Improve educational-community relations on campus safety issues


Virginia Surveillance Force team work with you to reduce the risk on your campus. Our staff knows what to do when it comes to campus security. Virginia Surveillance Force staff and officers recommend educational campuses to conduct a hazard analysis and identify the potential threats to the campus environment. Survey of entire complex for security is a must which consists of geographic considerations, environment, fire, security services, boundaries, fences, landscaping, lighting, parking, doors, windows, storage, records, alarms, locks, safes, emergency telephones, emergency lighting, sensors, emergency power computer centers, and transportation etc.

If your campus have audio sensing alarms at your location and when ever these scream alarms are activated our uniformed officers know what to do. Our officers are aware to allow entry to the campus through one main area only. They keep all other doors locked to outside entry. This allows visitor and student monitoring and enforcement of policy. Our uniformed and plain clothed officers develop communications protocols. During a crisis situation, communication is critical.

Virginia Surveillance Force recommend educational facilities with proper post of signs. VSF officers are trained to handle situations at campus entrances, dealing with visitor, trespassing, parking etc. Our officers know it is always better to walk and not to run when responding to a fight. Walking allows our officer to visually analyze the situation, develop a response strategy, and to seek assistance along the way. Virginia Surveillance Force Officers are trained to establish a clear distinction between discipline issues and criminal infractions. They are trained to report criminal behavior to authorities, Our officers know when to contact fire or emergency services as well they appear in courts when needed.

Our officers are your eyes and ears. They keep you informed of any incidents, crime and safety related issues. They know how to cover every access point. Most of access points are covered by foot patrol, vehicle patrol and video surveillance. VSF officers know the procedures to respond and assist visitors, students, staff. Virginia Surveillance Force looks forward to being your security partner.

Virginia Surveillance Force provides campus security for schools, colleges & universities throughout Virginia & Maryland areas. When it comes to campus security, Virginia Surveillance Force uniformed & plain clothed officers are at the top of their class.

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