Courier & Delivery Services

If it's important to you, We transport it. Virginia Surveillance Force Courier offer General Transport Service for Architects, Contractors, Engineers, Escrow Companies, Financial Institutions, Graphic Designers, Legal Firms, Mortgage Companies, Title Companies and any other client that needs hand held courier services additionally. We at VSF offer Medical transport, out of town services, legal courier, special instructions orders, scheduled pickups & scheduled trips.

Medical Transport

Our couriers have rules and guidelines that point out the importance of handling specimens to be tested properly. Specimen integrity is our goal as well yours. Our Couriers are prepared to transport your specimens whether they are frozen, refrigerated or room temperature, safely and surely to their destinations. We understand the importance of medical courier needs because sometimes getting your package there is a matter of human life.

We provide rush same day courier to and from hospitals and pharmacies. When ever you are placing an order which is a medical emergency please let us know in advance so we can provide you better assistance. VSF Courier is serving laboratories, pharmacies, hospitals, veterinarians, doctors, urgent care centers & emergency facilities. We can handle full range of professional medical deliveries including:

  • Complete routing and logistic planning.
  • Emergency and STAT Service for specimens and equipment.
  • Pick up and delivery of medical specimens including temperature controlled specimens anywhere in the U.S
  • Transfer and delivery of dialysis equipment for our contracted companies.
  • Hospital and laboratory scheduled routing and transfers between multi-site systems.
  • On site storage of medical equipment and parts for delivery to time critical clients.

Out Of Town Services:

If a package needs to be delivered across the town or across the country. VSF Courier delivers directly to another city or state. We provide premium service, we pickup only your package and drive it straight to the destination.

Legal Courier:

Offers a world of services for the legal industry. When it comes to rush service for your legal documents you can count on us. Virginia Surveillance Force Courier Service can handle all your same day courier needs. Please Note: Courier personnel cannot serve court papers as process server.

Special Instruction Orders:

VSF Courier Service recognize that each client we serve has different needs and requirements of our service. We definitely encourage you to make a special demands or instructions on our service. We pledge to fulfill all your transportation needs

Scheduled Pick Ups:

Virginia Surveillance Force also offer Scheduled personnel pick up. This service is available per your personnel needs. This transportation service can be used for doctors appointments, court dates, school appointments, visitation, shopping, meetings etc.

Scheduled Trips:

For any reasons you don't feel to drive long routs, or are without transportation. Scheduled trips are available per arrangements for your personnel needs. Pick ups are available From Northern Virginia, Washington DC & Maryland Suburban areas. Drop Off or round trips can vary from 100 to 900 miles upon advance payments only.

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