Residential Security

Virginia Surveillance Force understands the challange and needs of Security at the apartment, residential and gated community. Owning, managing, and living in rental housing can be a challenging experience. Apartment owners & property managers have certain legal duties to provide resonably safe rental housing. Apartment residents rely on property owners and managers to a large degree to make the premises resonably safe. An apartment unit should be the sanctuary for you and your tenants...but is it? Are your tenants really safe once they get inside their apartment and lock their door? Are their vehicles safe? Do they have enough parking spaces? Are visitors & tenants keeping community safe after hours? Are you having trespassers? Are you facing spray paints? Are your dumpsters packed up of illegal dumping?

In the media we are constantly hearing about trespassing, burglary, aggravated burglaries and vandalism carried out on private residences and their occupants. These events are often traumatic and leave residents feeling threatened and vulnerable. Burglars work mostly during the day and when a residence is more likely to be unoccupied. Most burglars work alone and tend to probe an apartment complex looking for the right residence and the right opportunity. Home invasion robbers work more often at nights and on weekends when residences are more likely to be occupied. Virginia Surveillance Force provides Security Guards around the clock to deter burglars and home invaders from entering your building.

We understand that all gated and fenced residential communities have several things in common. Gates and fences provide the perception of security, safety, and privacy. In affluent residential neighborhoods, privacy means exclusivity and therefore increased property values. Large apartment properties often add gate systems as an amenity to attract new residents. Gated communities are desirable to most prospective residents and to most property managers because they can charge a premium for rent. The main purpose of a gate, on a low-crime property, is not to deter or prevent crime but to provide the perception of security and exclusivity. Still, other apartment communities add gate systems as a barrier to keep criminals off the property and away from rent paying residents. In this setting, the intention is to reduce crime and retain residents by erecting a significant barrier to unauthorized foot and vehicle traffic. Gates are often considered as a cheaper alternative to hiring and managing security guards. Gate installation companies promote this in their marketing and stress the added benefit of liability protection. That is not always sound advice. Gates can also be a barrier to emergency services like the police or fire departments and criminals will still find their ways to crime and break inns.

Virginia Surveillance Force provides a professional, safe environment. Your residents and insurance company will appreciate. Virginia Surveillance Force is ideal for residential security, community security services including: condominium security, gated community security, gate house security. We provide community vehicle patrol service, unarmed security guards, armed guards, uniformed guards, concierge, lobby security, condo security, alarm response and plain clothes security. If you require security for residential, apartments, condos or gated community, our security service is the finest solution. When it comes to protecting apartment buildings, residential and gated communities,Virginia Surveillance Force security officers are at the top of their class.

Virginia Surveillance Force provides residential & community services throughout Virginia & Maryland areas. When it comes to security & patrol services, Virginia Surveillance Force security officers are at the top of their class.

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