VIRGINIA SURVEILLANCE FORCE was established by a government employee who protected & served parks for over 30 years Since 1962. More than 3000 employees were controlled & managed during the profession at parks.  A need was observed in 1987 to establish Virginia Surveillance Force as an investigative Company.  In 1994 It was thought to add more catagories of services to Virginia Surveillance Force. In 1996 Virginia Surveillance Force was serving Communities & businesses providing full fledge services as a professional, licensed, insured and bonded company. It was noticed in 2001 to  expand the services nationwide.

Virginia Surveillance Force strongly advocate honesty and fairness.  We are an equal opportunity and adverse workplace and are committed in serving you at the highest standard of professionalism and ethics. Virginia Surveillance Force offer the Services to Commercial, Industrial, Residential & Government Agencies.  Our objective is to operate within the best interest of our clients by delivering them the best top level services. Our Moto is to Secure A Safer Tomorrow Today.  God Bless America.

Virginia Surveillance Force